The 8 Best Halloween Decorating Ideas to Spook Up Your House

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Need some of the best Halloween decorating ideas to raise the fright level of your decorations this year? Every Halloween is the same story: you walk down the street and see your neighbors’ amazing decorations, you go to every supermarket in the area and you find the same thing you used last year and the year before. Nothing is good enough.


Also, there’s a million things to think about, not just the decorations! Planning a party (or deciding which one you’re going to go to), buying the “trick or treat” candy, and choosing a costume. Actually, we can help you with that last one by letting you know of The 30 Worst Halloween Costume Ideas Ever Brought to Horrible Life.

Our mission today is to give you eight of the best Halloween decorating ideas for your house: inside, outside, front yard… everywhere you want (and your guests might not suspect). And you don’t even have to run to the mall, you can order them online and have them shipped to you before Halloween! Or just do it yourself: gather all the children in the family (the grown-ups too?) and create these fabulous ideas.

If you are hosting the neighborhood party, then this is your chance to beat the other houses’ decorations. These are eight of the best Halloween decorating ideas for you to be the king of the party. Anyone can throw some fake spider web, and set up some skeletons and pumpkins, but if you want to give everybody the scare of their lifetime, then don’t miss out on this freaky list that will turn your house into the most haunted place around.

8. Hide your fog machine

Use this practical skull tombstone to hide the fog machine you have on your yard. You may want to turn your whole front house into a cemetery…

Keep reading to deck the rest of your foggy house out with some of the best Halloween decorating ideas this year.

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