The 7 Most Memorable Ad Campaigns of All Time

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Have you ever wondered which have been the most memorable ad campaigns of all time? Over the years, some brands and companies have managed to get stuck in our minds one way or another, whether through a witty slogan, a catchy tune, an interesting message, or an honest campaign. There’s no clear recipe for success in the advertising world. Nevertheless some ads have proven to be very effective and unforgettable.  Whatever it is that makes an ad special, triumphant, and powerful, all of the greatest advertising campaigns in history share a common feature: they are utterly memorable.

Most Memorable Ad Campaigns of All Time

However, the world of advertising is not everything Mad Men makes us think it is. Sometimes audiences don’t get the message, aren’t drawn to the product, or the strategy chosen turns out to be the wrong one. Other times, marketing experts simply miss the mark and mess things up. Just check out our list on the Top 10 Worst Marketing Campaigns Ever Produced and see just how bad some ads can be.

Let’s take a look at the current countdown now and find out which are the most memorable ad campaigns of all time.


7. Get a Mac

Apple’s ad campaign “Get a Mac” was more than just memorable; it was incredibly helpful to the company. Apple managed to reverse its downward sales trend and their market share grew to 42% a year after the commercial aired. The concept was simple: two people, one representing a PC and the other representing Mac. Needless to say everybody wanted to be, to own, to live Mac.

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