The 5 Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Best Summer Jobs for Teens: Most teenagers around the world look forward to their summer holidays. After all, what could be better than no school, warm weather, and endless days of fun in the sun? Still, as tempting as those lazy days of summer sound, some teens are more resourceful than others, and seek to take on employment over the summer. Not only does such work give them the chance to make some spending money to better enjoy their time off, but it also acts as a great form of early employment to put on their resume and impress future employers or university admissions directors with.

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It’s not always easy knowing where to look for work though when you’re a teen and have nothing to your name. Heck, kids can barely even land a paper route anymore, as those routes are largely given to mass carriers with trucks, and the papers delivered early in the morning. This has left most teens with blank resumes and no way to prove they are ready for any kind of work.

Some kids will be lucky enough to have a family business they can get started in, or their parents will use their connections to land them a position, but for every other teen, they’ll need to find a somewhat unorthodox, entry-level position to get them started in the real world. We’ve gathered just such a list of the best summer jobs for teens, that just about any teen can do.

If instead, your high school days are over, but you would still like to get a temporary job this summer, we suggest you read our cover story on the Best Summer Jobs for College Students. While not all of the following jobs will be suitable for all types of teens,and some do require some pre-existing skills or personal experience, every teen should find a suitable job on the list they could search out come next summer.

Now then, let’s take a look at the countdown of the five best summer jobs for teens.