The 14 Most Educated Countries in the World

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It’s time for more scholastic facts as we bring you our list of The 14 Most Educated Countries in the World. One of the more important factors for the improvement of a country is education. It is no surprise that most if not all countries around the world strive to give and promote education among its citizens. The more educated people are in a country, the higher the probability of skilled workers, professionals, intellectuals, and innovators. A good educated populace can also lead to better elections, better understanding and implementation of laws and regulations, and in general a more respected culture and society.

With that said, there are more countries that strive and make more effort than others in providing complete education among its citizens. Take into consideration that in this list of 14 Most Educated Countries in the World, we take into account the percentage of the population that has had the most of their population undertake and finish tertiary education. Also be aware that these rankings do often change due to different numbers presented yearly, so what may seem high up in the list can be overtaken by any of the other ones listed here.

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Let’s go ahead and check the first country among the highest of educational standards.

14. Germany

If you ever wondered how Germany has come up with a majority of the world’s most high quality equipment and brands. Then let this remove the questions of your mind. Germany promotes free public education and unlike the singular high school system of America. They divide their secondary school among different branches each leading to different career paths depending on the child’s interests and proficiency.


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