The 12 Most Expensive Apple (AAPL) Apps in the Market

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Ever wondered which are the most expensive Apple apps in the market? It is no news that the app market for mobile devices is getting larger every day. Technology develops, and our usage of its solutions increases. While users develop new needs and requests, application and software developers work to meet these demands. Yet the market, as we know, doesn’t always follow users’ preferences but rather it sets the trends, creating demand for new products and services. Therefore, as the market grows so does its price tag.


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s App Store has millions of different applications. Some of them are pretty awesome, with advanced software and design, while others of course are rather poor and useless. Apple’s App Store is dominated by free and cheap apps. We have already compiled a list featuring the Top 9 Most Popular Free iPhone Apps, which includes some of the most downloaded free applications, such as Candy Crush Saga, Vine, the video app developed by Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR), and Instagram.

This time we have gathered some of the 12 most expensive Apple apps in the market. Some of them you might have heard of, and are definitely worth their price, while others do not justify the over-the-top price. If you never thought you could spend more on an application than on the actual phone you are using to download it, well then you should check out this list and find out about these far-from-being-gratis apps.


No. 12 Mobile Cam Viewer – $349.99

Like other monitoring systems, Mobile Cam Viewer allows users to control NVR, DVR or Video Server surveillance systems.

No. 11 PDR Quote – $349.99

If you are an automobile fan, PDR Quote, Paintless Dent Repair, helps users get access to a database of over 900 automobile makes and models.

No. 10 Buddy Repperton Gold – $400

This application has been designed especially for those who love both gambling, and sports. Football, basketball, baseball, this app allows users to take on the world of sports and bet on every team.

No. 9 MATG (MyAccountsToGo) – $449.99

My Accounts To Go combines two different applications: SAP BusinessOne and Dynamics GP. These apps allow access to their respective financial management systems and may be synced via secure FTP, HTTP or HTTPS.

No. 8 iRa Pro – $899.99

This application was designed especially for security professionals who need to maintain unlimited mobility. It allows users to monitor IP-based surveillance equipment, while it interfaces with a video management server.

And sharing the number 1 spot of the most expensive Apple apps in the market are seven apps worth $999.99; check them out on the following pages.

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