The 11 Most Livable Cities in The World

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What are the 11 most livable cities in the world? The adjective “livable” is a little broad and hard to define; after all, what’s livable to one person may be the absolute opposite to another. In coming up with the ranking of most livable cities in the world, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and the Mercer Information Solutions use certain quantitative and qualitative factors to measure what makes ideal living conditions for all of the city’s citizens across different age groups, social classes, race, and occupations. These factors include governance, infrastructure, healthcare services, political stability, education, socio-cultural environment, and public transportation among others.

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Notably, no US city made it to the top 10 of this list, despite the United States being part of the 7 most livable countries in the world. It is also quite notable that London and even Paris are missing from the list; this is largely due to the recent incidents of social unrest and heightened terror threats in these particular cities.

 The two separate surveys, which were conducted during the latter part of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015, are almost identical except for the fact that Mercer’s was designed with special emphasis on the quality of life the cities offer for expatriates. The results on this list were the combined ranking average from both survey results.

So, which cities stood out from the rest, and which one should you consider moving to? Check out this list!

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