The 11 Least Technologically Advanced Countries in the World

Let’s take a view of the different situations in the world with the 11 least technologically advanced countries in the world. With recent technological advancements we’ve seen in the last few decades, society has grown far from what it was 40 to 50 years ago. In our modern world we enjoy things now common and essential to us that weren’t as present or as accessible before. We have witnessed the rise of the internet, the popularity of smart and digital devices. Better and higher quality products, faster processing speeds, the ability to connect with anyone from anywhere among a lot more other things. Even in some parts of the world, technology truly moves forward with robotics, nanotechnology, improved and secure transport systems and military machinations. We somehow sometimes forget that there are parts of the world that are still lacking or have yet to go far with any technological advancement. There are some places where poverty is rampant and education is unusual, there are some places where research and development aren’t a priority, and as a result development is scarce and scattered. This list aims to make you aware of these things and maybe spring you into thinking or doing something more.

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Most of the countries in this list occupy the Asian and African parts of the world, as they have also been pointed out by the UN as the places who need help the most to get out of poverty and lack of technology. With that, let’s go ahead and start this list: