The 11 Countries with the Highest Unemployment Rates in the World

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Let’s explore the places with a lack of opportunity in this list of the 11 countries with the highest unemployment rates in the world. Employment is vital both for an individual and the government. Work allows the country to increase its output and gross domestic product. This in turn gives a country income to support and maintain projects. For an individual, work is a necessity to earn for a living and survive. Without employment both the country and its population suffers. You might be surprised to see this list of countries that have a very large deficit in employment opportunities.

There can be numerous reasons for a country to have low employment rates. It could be mismanagement of the government or even a lack of interest by foreign investors. It can also be due to violent conflicts like civil wars. The countries in this list suffer and can be seen as an exact opposite of The World’s 15 Fastest Growing Economies. Unemployment may be just a factor in a bigger picture of a country’s lack of action. Each problem compounds one another.

What countries do you think are on this list? A good portion of these listed here are countries that you might not have heard of before or are notorious for being economically distraught. Let’s go ahead to number eleven:

11. Lesotho

42.7% unemployment

The country has been heavily affected by the recession and the global economic downfall. They also had a number of devastating floods around 4 years ago. Poverty continues to affect the country and a spreading AIDS virus is also a significant obstruction.


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