The 11 Countries with Most Avalanches in the World

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We observe the wrath of nature in this list of the 11 countries with most avalanches in the world. Avalanches can be one of the most devastating events that can happen on a snowy mountainous terrain. They show us how fragile we are against commanding movements of the environment around us. An avalanche can happen at any time and can be due to different factors. The snow might become unstable causing a chain reaction which then creates an avalanche. Loud sounds, human movements, and weather can be a cause for avalanches.

Avalanches can be a crushing weight of snow and ice. People rarely survive these types of encounters. Those that do have to endure as they may be trapped under snow waiting for rescue. If a person happens to get into this situation he/she has to endure possible injuries and avoid hypothermia. It’s a good thing avalanches don’t often happen in places where people frequent, like the Top 10 Ski Resorts in the United States – 2014 List.

There have been a number of recorded avalanches that cost the lives of hundreds and even thousands of people.  Let’s move on to the first country in this list:

11. Peru

A good portion of the villages and cities in Peru are situated near the Andes Mountains. Because the area around Peru is also susceptible to earthquakes, avalanches are as common as the tremors in the area. One of the most devastating avalanches experienced here was during 1962. An earthquake triggered a deadly avalanche that wiped out towns and killed 4000 people.


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