The 11 Biggest Epidemics in History

We go through the death toll like no other with the 11 biggest epidemics in history. Disease, viruses, sicknesses and all those especially unknown and untreatable to us pose a threat to a majority of the world’s population. It is good to know that many are in the effort of combating and curing what was once incurable. There was a time though that some of the easily cured diseases and viruses today weren’t as easy to fight off with modern medicine. Some time ago plagues were common; diseases could wipe out large portions of the population and can even affect people on a global scale. If recent years have been any indication, is that we don’t have the cure for everything yet. Also, there are just some things out there that will catch us unprepared if we are not ready for it.

A breakout of plague or disease cannot be called an epidemic immediately, one of the factors of epidemics are the number of people affected and the death toll. These two factors will be the ones we will be looking at in making this list. If you’re looking for more health awareness, we also have a list on Country-by-Country Life Expectancy: The World’s 15 Healthiest Countries.

You might be surprised by what kinds of diseases are in this list, others you may be aware or have seen it first-hand. Let’s not tarry and head to the first of this list.