The 10 Most Visited Social Media Websites in Australia

The most popular in Australia is revealed as we look at this list of the 10 most visited social media websites in Australia. The rise and popularity of social media is a testament to how much it appeals to people of today. It allows one to be connected and stay connected from anywhere, even from home. Social media websites have a number of features that can keep a lot of people informed, entertained and loyal. They allow people to connect with others of same interests. They also allow them to connect with loved ones and other people they know.

You might notice that this list contains a lot of popular social media websites that are used the world over. This is further supported by The 10 Most Used Social Media Websites Today. You can bet that social media websites are here to stay. Due to the significant amount of popularity they’ve gained (millions of accounts), many companies are looking to invest and advertise using these sites.

What social media websites do you think are included in this list? Some may be predictable, but others you may not have heard of yet. You might even get an idea what site to try out as you scan through this list. Let’s go ahead and get to the first website:

10. FourSquare

FourSquare has become relatively popular due to its ability to interact and coordinate with other social media websites. It is a free online application that allows users to inform other users where they currently are by “checking in”. This allows your location to be viewed by friends and even allows users to make reviews of locations.

Annette Shaff /

Annette Shaff /