The 10 Most Popular Social Media Websites in Canada

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Social media continues to be popular and we’re here to check the list of the 10 most popular social media websites in Canada.  Social media websites have proven to be quite useful and convenient. They allow people to reconnect and communicate with each other easily. The internet has become a hub of global connection. It is also a means to get more information about certain companies, products and places. In recent years it has become an avenue for sharing and presenting interests, opinions and memories. Even in Canada, social media has penetrated into a good portion of the population.

For this list, we search for the most popular social media websites – for the ones that are most visited and used. We also take into account how many Canadians are using a particular platform. You’ll find that a majority of the social media websites listed here are also included in the list of The 10 Most Used Social Media Websites Today. This just confirms how popular social media is for the rest of the world.

Based on statistics more than half of the total population of Canada has a social media account. This will probably increase even more in the coming years with the continued popularity and accessibility of these websites. Do you have an idea of what social media websites might appear on the list? Let’s go ahead and check the first one:

10. Snapchat

Snapchat is a video messaging service application that is available through smartphones. It has become increasingly popular over time. With Snapchat you can send short video messages and pictures to recipients you choose. You can even add text or drawings in the message. The reason why Snapchat is used a lot is because the app maintains your privacy by allowing a fixed time on how long the message can be viewed. It is then deleted from their servers.


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