The 10 Most Expensive States to Own a Car In

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The 10 Most Expensive States To Own A Car In

People move around quite a lot, whether it be for work, because they are looking for something new, or in order to have better living conditions. Yet as we have seen in our list of the 10 most expensive cities for expats, the cost of living must always be taken into account.

Owning a car in the U.S. for example, entails different costs depending on the state one chooses to live in. In fact, the variation along state lines in gasoline prices, insurance rates, and average repair costs, can account for up to $800 in additional annual costs. By these prices, along with interest rates, put forward a study detailing what owning a car actually costs throughout the U.S.

The biggest difference amongst states is gasoline prices, which can make up for annual expenses ranging from just over $600 to almost $1,600. Average repair costs on the other hand seem quite constant on a nationwide scale, ranging from $270 to $393 per year.

Some might wonder where car owners will have to come up with the most amount of money, in order to enjoy their vehicles. If money is no issue you might want to check out our post on the Most Expensive Cars Ever. Well, let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive states to own a car in.

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