7 Of The Most Expensive Cars Ever

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Curious what the most expensive cars are? Face it, most of us will turn our heads every time we hear a powerful engine roaring on the streets. And even if you might be perfectly satisfied with your family SUV, that doesn’t mean you can dream about owning one of those super sleek, super fast, jaw dropping, and spectacular cars you might see in a James Bond movie.

We have compiled a countdown of the seven most expensive cars in the world. The list is by no means exhaustive, as there are other automobiles, in particular antique cars, that might be sold for more. However, we focused on seven exquisite series models that will blow your mind. Watch and weep.

No. 7: Ferrari – La Ferrari

Photo Credit: emperornie

Price: $1.3 million

A car made by Ferrari was bound to be impressive, right? The La Ferrari, “the cheapest” model on our countdown, is probably too much to handle in terms of budget for the average citizen. However, if you can find the means to finance this 789 horsepower masterpiece of a car, hurry up, as only 499 units have been manufactured.

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