The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America 2014

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Wondering which cities are the most dangerous cities in America 2014? Despite the USA being a developed country and one that is generally safe compared to more volatile areas of the world, there are still some cities that  find coping with crime a hard task. Among the different factors that contribute to making a city more dangerous to live in, we can take into account armed robberies, gang violence, assaults, police corruption, and overall lack of police funding.

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Crime rates have nonetheless been dropping in the United States, and some cities have regained their once beloved peace. Yet, some other cities still remain violent enough as to make its citizens consider moving away and relocating. According to a report released by Law Street, in February, 2014, violent crime across the US has dropped nationwide, but disproportionately in different cities. Only half of the cities in America have benefited from a downward trend in their crime rates. Since our last article on The 12 Most Dangerous Cities In America, we can see some cities in America have been able to stay out of the ranking, while others have sadly maintained their position within the list. Places like Oakland, California, Flint, Michigan, and Detroit, Michigan are still among the top most dangerous cities in America.

Crime and violence is a huge problem worldwide, and the USA is no exception. Some cities are indeed dangerous for the average citizen, and crime rates appear to be hard to control. This is of course no news. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that the ineffectiveness to lower crime rates has caught the attention of authorities. This time we have compiled a list featuring the ten most dangerous cities in America 2014. The ranking was compiled taking into account the crime data released by the FBI. The FBI’s report factors in three indicators: murders per 100,000 people, forcible rapes per 100,000 people, and robberies per 100,000 people. On top of the list is Camden, New Jersey, with about 75,000 residents reporting extreme concerns over homelessness, poverty, and drugs. The city has been able, nevertheless, to decrease homicides by 10% over the previous year. Also, violent crime has declined 38%.

So just in case you were planning to relocate, take a look at our list of the most dangerous cities in America 2014 and find out which ones may be best avoided!

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