The 10 Least Expensive Caribbean Medical Schools

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Learn medicine in paradise with the help of this list of 10 least expensive Caribbean medical schools. Medicine is without a doubt one of the most expensive degrees to study. It requires a lot of time and a lot of finances to support books, equipment, professional help from schools and hospitals, and many other things. Pair it with one of the most expensive destinations in the world and you have probably one of the most expensive college experiences in the world. The Caribbean is however known for producing a lot of high-level graduates and is also known for some of the best medical schools and facilities in the world.


With many avenues to undertake when it comes to learning the medical field, there can be a variety of choices all depending on your preferences. If you’re really passionate about learning medicine but have little finances, then this list will definitely benefit you. If you’re looking to increase your scope to the United States, we also have this list of The 10 Most Affordable Medical Schools in the US. The most important part of an education is the opportunity to finish one and get a degree. That’s one step closer to becoming a professional and practicing what you’ve learned.

What places and schools do you think are included in this list? You might notice that the schools here are heavily influenced by the US and even have their respective counterparts in the country. Let’s move forward and start this list of 10:

10. Spartan

Also known as Spartan Health Sciences University, this medical school is located at St Lucia in the West Indies. The school has been running since the 1980s and is considered as one of the most exceptional medical schools in the Caribbean. You can take here different courses relating to the medical, pre-medical and nursing fields.


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