The 10 Highest Quality Fast Food Restaurants In America Today

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Wondering which are the highest quality fast food restaurants in America? America was the birthplace of fast food restaurants, and new chains keep appearing alongside the classical brands that continue to hold sway in the market today. These chains have different products, and offer various types of foods, catering to almost everyone’s taste. The thing with fast food restaurants is that they provide quality food, in a short time, and at average to low prices. According to a report presented by Consumer Reports, Americans have been spending more than ever to dine out, topping $680 billion per year.


Yet fast food chains aren’t only big in America. The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) phenomenon has spread all over the world, and units have popped-up in different cities around the globe. Some of the 10 Biggest Fast Food Chains In the World have conquered not only western societies but also other places of the world. Of course, it might not come as a surprise that the names of the top three are known to all of us: McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD), KFC Corporation, and Subway.

The restaurant industry is huge in America. And the QSR category is among the top regarding annual sales and revenues. Moreover, the franchise system has allowed these highest quality fast food restaurants in America to spread across the country, lowering their overall costs, and increasing their units as well as their presence and intangible assets. Although the market is pretty steady for some of the big names, some other fast-food restaurant brands might go up and down, depending on their performance, public acceptance and popularity. Moreover, the increasing awareness of the need of a good diet and consuming quality products has changed consumers’ habits, forcing companies to adapt to these new tastes.

Therefore, while fast-food chains spread, consumers start demanding more quality on food products, as well as larger variety. According to Consumer Reports’ latest fast-food survey, quality of food has become more important for customers. And some new companies such as Chipotle, Noodles & Company, and Panera Bread have started offering health-conscious meals. Over the past few years, some changes regarding fast-food chains’ performance have taken place. We have compiled a list featuring some of the highest quality fast food restaurants in America, taking into account the results compiled by the Consumer Reports survey. The magazine asked more than 32,000 readers – who ate more than 96,000 meals at 65 chains – what they thought. Check out the list!

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