The 10 Greatest Empires in History Which Nearly Conquered the World

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Some of the greatest empires in history have come close to accomplishing feats one would think would be reserved for videogames: completely subjugating, conquering, and ruling over the world. Sometimes returning to our history books is not only a gratifying experience, but also a pretty useful one. The knowledge of our history is a key element, as it helps us to evaluate the present and understand the development of global dynamics. Indeed, being an imperial power isn’t so old-fashioned. Only 100 years ago, countries were still battling for global takeover.

Over different periods, civilizations have grown and flourished like living things, establishing their territories, drawing their frontier lines, and laying out the limits of their domains. Battles and wars have been inspired by the desire to conquer territories, sometimes to reassure their already acquired portion of the world, sometimes to expand their culture and domain, as well as to sustain their heritage, among various other reasons. Frontiers were pushed, and civilizations started to enlarge, eventually leading to an unrestrained attempt to ensure a global domination. Empires expanded and their confrontation lead to the constant variation of landmarks, as well as the destruction and complete subjugation of societies.

The aim to conquer might has largely been displaced these days by the rather less aggressive aim to defend from hypothetical invaders. Of course, those countries currently involved in wars have developed a strong military power. Yet almost every country invests a significant amount of its budget in defense. If you are interested in some of the countries which have developed pretty powerful armies, check out the list we’ve made featuring The 10 Most Powerful Countries In The World: Military. This list reveals some of the most advanced countries, regarding their military power, like China, with a Power Index Score of 0.3351, or Russia, with a Power Index Score of 0.2618.

This time we examine some of the greatest empires in history. Considering the dimension of an Empire requires some precise definition. It might be defined regarding its impact in history, its population, the amount of territory conquered, or the percentage of land covered, considering the total globe’s ground. We have chosen to list the following empires regarding their maximum land area occupied, in million km2. So check out the list of the greatest empires in history!


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