The 10 Drunkest Countries in the World

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Drunkest Countries in the World: Alcohol consumption is far from being a joke. Countries all over the world consume alcohol to varying degrees, and excess consumption has become a problem in some societies. Some countries with strong religious traditional values like Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan are considered among the ones with the lowest consumption of alcohol.

On the other hand there are other regions where the alcohol consumption is believed to be so large that there are jokes and stereotypes about those peoples known to everyone. But don’t believe all the cliches, for countries such as Russia don’t even make it into the top ten of our list, while Ireland doesn’t crack the top five (but does make the top ten).

According to the World Health Organization, there were 3.3 million deaths related to alcohol abuse in 2012. Almost 6% of all deaths are alcohol related, and it amounts to six deaths per minute because of alcohol. On average, the level of consumption globally means that every person over 15 consumes an average of 6.2 liters of pure alcohol each year, but because over 38% of the population doesn’t drink this number is actually much higher (around 17 liters) among the alcohol-consuming demographic.

Surprisingly, alcohol consumption has little to do with wealth; or it’s possible that too much alcohol consumption is actually limiting the economic vitality of the drunkest countries in the world, and holding their wealth back. For an interesting comparison, check out the 20 Wealthiest Countries in the World and see for yourself.

In this article we will take a look at the top ten drunkest countries in the world, providing statistics on the most popular drink in each country and consumption patterns divided by gender and alcoholic drink. Now then, on with the list!

10 – Estonia


National Drink: Vana Tallinn

Alcoholic Drink stats: 41% Beer, 37% Spirits, 11% wine, 11% other

Average Amount of Alcohol consumed per person: 11.36 liters

Gender Ratio: 16.2 liters per male, 5.3 liters per female

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