10 Biggest Navies in the World

Want to know which countries have the biggest navies in the world? Having strong naval capabilities is practically a requisite for global power status, and having a great navy is no simple task. Since only the most advanced armies can afford a modern naval fleet, only a few countries actually dominate the seas in a military sense today. Due to a lack of major international conflicts of global implications, which would require a naval confrontation, sovereign states have rather focused on ground and air forces designed specifically for defense. Hence, many nations have neglected their navy, while others have stayed true to the traditional military value placed on being able to breach the stopping power of water.

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If you have already seen our list on the 10 most militarily powerful countries in the world, then the following article will bear certain similarities. As stated above, the countries with the largest defense budgets usually boast the largest navies, yet we hope there will be at least one or two surprises in our ranking. So how will we go about measuring the biggest navies in the world? We will only be taking into account the total tonnage of the warships each navy has, since military hardware seems a far more accurate estimate of strength, than for example the number of navy officers. However, we can also not take every boat into account, since certain vessels would not stand a chance in a naval battle anyways. A navy might have hundreds of patrol boats, but these would have no business going up against an aircraft carrier. Hence, all lesser ships and vessels are not included in this calculation of the biggest navies in the world.

Judging by its international presence and well known military strength, the US will surely trump the list of the ten biggest navies in the world, yet who will follow? Does the UK still boast an impressive naval fleet, or has it lost its footing with the emergence of new economic powerhouses in Asia? Let’s check out the ranking and find out!

10. Republic of China Navy (Taiwan) – 151,662 tons

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Although it does not have the necessary strength to project its power worldwide, the Taiwanese Navy has considerable strength and can deliver one hell of a punch, especially if taken on in its coastal areas.

The naval battle has only just begun. The countdown of the biggest navies in the world continues on the next page.