The 10 Biggest Galaxies in the Universe

Size is never an issue for the 10 biggest galaxies in the universe. As humans, we can say that we’ve discovered a lot about our planet and the space beyond it. Despite what we know, we are yet to discover the multitudes of things that can be found in the universe. Our galaxy is considered as less than a speck of dust when considering the size of the universe. What’s even more amazing is that the size of the universe is continuously expanding. These big galaxies included in this list are limited to what we know and have discovered. There might be future discoveries that can easily trump the ones included in this list.

The reason we are discovering so much about space in recent years is because of our advancements in technology. The best minds and best technology can allow us to see things we have not yet seen before. These technologies are more evident in The 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World. If there is one thing that the universe can prove is that nothing is ever constant. We may believe in these fixed truths about our planet, solar system and galaxy, but these truths may turn to be misconceptions.

We’ve yet to discover a lot of things about our solar system and even our own galaxy. The galaxies beyond our own are just sights to see and we may never reach one in our lifetime, considering how many things we have to discover in our own galaxy. Let’s start sizing up the galaxies as we start this list.

10. Cigar Galaxy

Messier 82 or most popularly termed as the Cigar galaxy is a galaxy shaped like a cigar as you might’ve guessed. It is one of the most luminous galaxies we’ve discovered and it is five times more luminous than our own galaxy. This is the closest starburst galaxy to our own and scientists have discovered the brightest pulsar in this galaxy.

Wolfgang Kloehr/

Wolfgang Kloehr/