The 10 Best Places to Work At

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What are the 10 Best Places to Work At? Companies have started to design cooler, funnier more colorful working spaces. Apparently, the gray cubicle and the plain white walls didn’t stimulate workers and reduced their capacity to be productive. Moreover, for some companies, creativity and team work is essential, and the dull spaces can definitely turn off even the most ambitious employees.

So they started to develop more attractive working places, with minimal cubicle separations and socializing areas, as well as chilling areas. The main objective is to make work a fun experience, as to, of course, increase productivity. A lighter atmosphere, cool job perks and fantastic playing areas have changed the way people perceive their daily working space, and has started to actually make workers want to wake up every morning and head off to the office. Moreover, the innovative office spaces can inspire creativity and encourage team work.

Yet some studies have started to reveal that an abuse of the collaboration-friendly environment and the recreational spots might compromise the ability to focus. In addition, not all companies require the same incentives for their workers, or involve the same type of work.

Anyway, some companies have figured the way to cope with these challenges, and found out a way to keep workers both happy and productive, mixing spaces for different activities. While some companies might need their workers to be in constant communication and collaboration, others might need deep focus and more solo working. Tech companies, for example, tend to use innovative spaces to break down the office norm. So there are different ways to make an office cater to its workers. Some feature more creative and playfully environments, others offer focus areas with trees and nature-like settings.

So we have made a list of the 10 Best Places to Work Att!

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