The 10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand Before You Die

Finding the best places to visit in New Zealand before you die can be a bit of a task; it’s true that New Zealand is a vast country and is not short of wonders, but what if you’re visiting with a limited about of time? How do you determine the best from the rest? This top ten rundown will give you all the information you need to make informed choices around your visit, wherever in New Zealand you are based and whatever your interests; there’s everything from mountaineering to city breaks, to relaxing in hot pools. And if you haven’t even booked your tickets yet rest assured; this top ten of the best places to visit in New Zealand before you die will have you wanting to book your flights and hotel ASAP!



On the whole, New Zealand is a politically stable country in a geographically safe part of the world, and should be completely safe to visit. However, you may need to be cautious of local wildlife and flora, which may be venomous or poisonous, and always ask for a tour-guide if you’re going into the wilderness or up a mountain. Check the local news before you travel to make sure there are no upsets, such as public transport strikes, which could affect your visit.

If New Zealand’s not your thing, we’ve also got the best places to visit in the Dominican Republic before you die.  If New Zealand is your thing, or you’ve already booked your holiday there, stick around and find out what wonders this country has to offer!


10. Lake Taupo

Created by a super-volcanic eruption over 26,000 years ago, Lake Taupo sells itself as “Nature’s Ultimate Playground”. If you’re bringing the kids, they can enjoy fully-supervised activities such as high-ropes and indoor rock walls, or you can choose to take them down nature’s path with walks and hikes.


9. Mayor Island

The incredibly photogenic Mayor Island is not one to be missed. The second volcanic site in our top ten, Mayor Island was formed 36000 years ago. The waters around the island are a small marine reserve, but if you venture a little further out to sea you’ll find some of the best game fishing New Zealand has to offer.