On the Move: The 10 Fastest Growing Businesses in 2015

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Every year, entrepreneurs take their best shot at creating a brand that will break into the tight-knit corporate market and this year is no different, with several emerging start-ups that could turn into the fastest growing businesses in 2015. While the target client base is vast and diverse in today’s business world, many of the most promising companies today stand out by pinpointing a niche group or problem, and delivering high-quality products and services for it.


In a previous article, we established the 7 most profitable businesses you could start, and some of the fastest growing companies in 2015 are in those fields. From tech start-ups and mobile apps to consulting services and food chains, this year’s newest CEO’s have shown some serious creativity and entrepreneurial skill.

Now, the market is always difficult to predict and with easily fluctuating consumer behaviour, some companies may rise and fall in the blink of an eye. However, these companies gained a solid customer base as well as investors’ trust throughout the year, thereby establishing their position as the fastest growing businesses in 2015. So, let’s see what we’ll be raving about in the forthcoming year.

10. Collective Bias

This firm made a name for itself by coordinating and hiring freelance bloggers to publish content for marketing campaigns. With the help of angel investors and Updata Partner’s funding, Collective Bias was able to raise $10.5 million to further build out its network. Clients include Starbucks, Sears, Walgreens, and Nestlé.

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Nine more companies poised for a major breakout can be found on the next pages as our list of the fastest growing businesses in 2015 continues.

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