6 New York City’s Most Unique Classes that will Blow You Away

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If you are tired of predictable classes, and you’re looking for something fresh and exciting to get signed up for, then our list of New York City’s most unique classes that will blow you away.

They say that New Yorkers have seen everything. We may not take a second glance at a dancing dog on a street corner, or the sea of garbage underfoot in the subway car; but we can definitely still be surprised and impressed when it comes to things that we can partake in that are interesting, unique, and appealing. When you think of the word “classes” you may think of yoga, children’s ballet, or maybe painting lessons. What you don’t necessarily think of are the classes we have compiled for this article.

New York City's Most Unique Classes that will Blow You Away

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If your interests are a bit unorthodox, you’ll fit right in taking any of these classes. Some of the most unique courses I have ever taken include a build-your-own-dream-home-blueprint class, a Jazz vocal scatting class, a layered sand art class, and a basic Tarot reading class. Still, I think there must be many more interesting classes where those came from! In a place like New York, you can find people who are passionate and knowledgable about just about anything. Why not check out some of those under-explored areas of interest, and learn something a little less common?   

From learning to speak music producer languages, to using humor to heal, singing along to your cooking lesson, taking a class that gets teenagers and their parents together for something that they will both actually like, allowing young children to learn STEM principles using popular toys, and even being taught to provide voices for cartoon characters, New York City (and this list) really has everything in any niche market you could be looking for.

In order to create our list of New York City’s most unique classes that will blow you away, we used ClassCurious‘ database as our source to determine what some of the most unique and interesting classes in NYC are. This list is sorted in no particular order, and represents a variety of locations, budgets, and interests.

If you want to check out some more classic offerings, you should also check our list of fun classes to take in NYC.

If you’re looking for something new, in a city of people who think they have seen and done it all, get some ideas from our list of New York City’s most unique classes that will blow you away.

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