Most Expensive Pizza in New York City

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Grabbing a slice of pizza is usually one of the cheapest food options in the big apple, but the most expensive pizza in New York City will have you choosing a burger joint instead. While an average small pizza can cost anywhere between $8 and $13, the restaurants and corner joints on this list feature prices well beyond that estimate. However, with a higher price comes better quality and our star choices will certainly not disappoint your taste buds.

In a previous article, we recommended the top 10 fast food franchises to buy today, which included Pizza Hut. But although the fast food giant is very popular throughout the U.S., no real New Yorker would seriously consider it a go-to spot for settling their pizza-crave. In fact, according to MenuPages New York City is the home to over 700 pizzerias, all with differing prices and a wide variety of ingredients. But the most expensive pizza in the Big Apple can be found in a handful of highly recognized and famous names. So, grab your wallet and your appetite and take a look at our list before heading out to a pricey but tasty experience.

5. Nick’s Pizza

Address: 1814 2nd Ave (between 93rd Street & 94th Street)

Nick’s Pizza was originally located in Queens, but the owners recently opened a location on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in order to draw more customers. Although the most basic large pizza costs an average $15 and features marinara sauce, loads of mozzarella cheese and a light fresh basil rain, the additional toppings at $2 a piece will spike your price up considerably. Furthermore, the restaurant offers salads and cannolis, which you surely won’t want to miss.

4. Lombardi’s

Address: 32 Spring Street (between Mott Street & Mulberry Street)

One of the oldest pizzerias in New York City opened its doors in 1905 and had a very successful trajectory up until 1984, when the shop closed. Ten years later the owners of this legendary pizza place re-opened, rebooting their menu and their prices. The basic mozzarella 14-inch pizza starts at $15.50, but you can be sure to add at least another $3 per topping as you won’t want to miss out on Lombardi’s pepperoni pie.

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