The 10 Most Expensive Items on Amazon

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If you had to guess at which were the most expensive items on Amazon, what do you think they would be? A car perhaps? Maybe a peculiar photography lens, or a rather rare collector’s item? Well, we’ve put together a list of the most bizarrely priced objects on Amazon, in case you ever wanted to spend ludicrous amounts of money on a random acquisition.


We recently published an article listing the 10 best selling items on Etsy, which included some pretty peculiar objects in its own right. However, the most expensive items found in the world’s largest online shop aren’t necessarily the most popular, as many of these have been on the webpage for an extended period of time. While some of the listed treasures are highly priced because of their rareness, others are considered luxury items, and yet another group is merely expensive because the owner miscalculated the object’s net value altogether. Either way, take a look at our compilation of the most expensive items on Amazon, and marvel at what buyers consider high-end in the online shopping world.

10. Box of Annie’s macaroni and cheese

Price: $368.00

There’s no denying that macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular meals in the United States, but would you really pay $368 for a small box of food? Although Annie’s Homegrown Totally Natural and Gluten-free Rice Pasta can be consumed by gluten-intolerants who would otherwise be unable to enjoy such a meal, this price still seems ridiculously high.

Is a box of mac and cheese the most bizarre item on our list? One thing is sure: of the most expensive items on Amazon, nine have it beat. Keep reading to find out what they are.

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