Latest Cryptocurrency News: Neo (NEO), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and Others

Sharing Selfies Could Now Help You Earn Money in Cryptoworld (Coin Telegraph)
Sharing the latest pictures of avocado toasts and latte hearts with the world might become a part of the crypto economy. A startup called Selfllery wants to create a new take on that of social media influencers on Instagram, Snapchat and other well-known picture sharing platforms- just with a crypto twist. “From the rock art to modern ads, humans have placed value on art,” says Vadim Onishchenko, founder and CEO of Selfllery. We have just tipped over to 2018, but according to statistics about 1.2 tln digital photos were taken last year. Today’s social networks have mechanisms in place for users to make money from their online activity, adds Onishchenko.

Italian Crypto Businesses to Register Under Proposed New Rules (Coin Desk)
The Italian government is seeking feedback on proposed cryptocurrency regulations intended to clarify the technology’s use within the country. A summary of the proposed rules explains how service providers that accept cryptocurrencies would have to report their business and earnings to the Ministry of Economics and Finance, as well as what the government will do with that information. The full decree also clarifies that, while cryptocurrencies are “used as a means of exchange for the purchase of goods and services, [they are] not issued by a central bank or by a public authority, [and are] not necessarily connected to a currency having legal tender.”

Pixabay/Public Domain

Pixabay/Public Domain

UK Banks Block Bitcoin Purchases with Credit Cards (GSM Arena)
Lloyds Banking Group which owns Halifax, Bank of Scotland, MBNA and Lloyds will block Bitcoin purchases with their credit cards. The restriction is applied because the financial institutions worry that their customers might borrow cash to invest in the cryptocurrency and might end up in debt. Bitcoin price jumped from $800 to over $18,000 in 12 months, as the public interest grew. The price is currently under $8,000, and banks are worried their customers might get caught up in the craze and end up maxing out their credit cards.

Ethereum Price Has Taken Out Strong Support During Trading on Monday (FX Street)
The price of Ethereum has remained within firm control of the market bears, given the market wide uncertainties, China crypto crack down, allied with SEC sparking panic due to them setting a hearing on 6th February. There was strong support seen around $775, which the market has now broken, after testing multiple times during trading. The level of support had held on many occasions, but given the wide market pressure, it has forced to give way and open gates to potential further downside. Given the above breach, next support looks to be around $635, where the price briefly consolidated in December 2017 before its large bull run. The bearish momentum is forcing the price to a 100% Fibonacci retracement, towards an extreme downside level of around $430.

RoboForex Has Added 4 New Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum World News)
Belmopan, Belize/ Jan. 05, 2018 — RoboForex, an international financial broker, is expanding the list of cryptocurrencies available for trading via MT4 and MT5 platforms. Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Company’s clients will have an opportunity to trade Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, and Ripple. New instruments are already available for trading RoboForex continues expanding access to cryptocurrencies for its clients and adds new instruments, BCHUSD, DSHUSD, LTCUSD, and XRPUSD, which are available for trading via popular MT4 and MT5 platforms. Trading conditions for new digital currencies will be the same as for BTCUSD and ETHUSD pairs and can be found here. The leverage applicable for the instruments is fixed at 1:10.