3 Hedge Funds in Florida Worth Watching

There are a variety of hedge funds in Florida, some of which are more well known than others. As one of the largest states in the country, both in terms of land mass and population, the number of hedge funds in the Sunshine State is on the rise.

FAIRHOLME (FAIRX) Bruce Berkowitz

As you learn more about Florida hedge funds, you will find firms located from one side of the state to the next, with the majority in major cities including Miami, Orlando, and Palm Beach among others.

Top Hedge Funds in Florida

If you are interested in investing with a Florida hedge fund, the first thing you need to do is research each and every option in the state.

Here are the top hedge funds in Florida:

Fairholme Capital Management
4400 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, Florida 33137

Founded in 1997, Fairholme Capital Management LLC is headed up by its Managing Member Bruce Berkowitz.

Ironfire Capital
295 Grande Way
Naples, Florida 34110

Ironfire Capital was founded by Dr. Eric Jackson in 2007. In addition to its office in Naples, Florida, the firm also operates from China. The firm is well known for investing in public equities via its Capital Fund, as well as early stage companies through its Angel Fund. Ironfire Capital is unique in the way that it invests in companies through both its capital and angel funds, ensuring diversity.

OM Investment Management
15310 Amberly Drive
Tampa, Florida 33647

The goal of OM Investment Management is to provide both traditional and alternative asset management for wealthy investors, as well as retirement plan sponsors. OM Investment Management offers comprehensive planning and investment services for those with manageable assets in excess of $500,000 and/or an annual income of more than $250,000.

Choosing a Hedge Fund in Florida

While the three hedge funds above are known throughout the state of Florida for its services, there are other firms in the area that should be considered as well.

Comparing hedge funds in Florida is the first step in making a choice as to which one to invest in.

There are many details to focus on, including:

1) Location of the hedge fund

2) Reputation among other investors

3) Requirements for investing, such as manageable assets and/or income

Depending on your situation, you may find that some hedge funds in Florida are more than willing to work with you while you do not qualify for others.

Fairholme Capital Management, Ironfire Capital, and OM Investment Management are among the top hedge funds in Florida. Those who are seeking a firm in the Sunshine State should consider these three options, among any others that pique their interest.

With hedge fund investing, regardless of location, you can take cues from some of the brightest minds in the industry including Peter Franklin Palmedo, Michael Novogratz, and Eric Sprott.

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