The Internet’s Top 15 Hedge Fund Websites

As you search the internet for hedge fund websites, you won’t be surprised to find that there are many worth bookmarking. These online resources provide information on everything from the top performing hedge funds to advice for investors and much more.

hedge fund websites

Top 15 Hedge Fund Websites

Here are 15 websites, ranked from highest Alexa rank to lowest, related to hedge funds that you should think about visiting:

1. Harvard Hedge Funds Guide

The Harvard Hedge Fund Guide provides basic information, investing advice, and links to industry resources.

2. Insider Monkey

From hedge fund performance tracking to a blog and much more, Insider Monkey will keep you current on the hedge fund industry.

3. Guru Focus

Guru Focus provides a lot of insightful data on the picks and portfolios of some of the greatest investors.

4. FinAlternatives

News on various alternative investments like hedge funds or equities.

5. Barclay Hedge

Barclay Hedge’s hedge fund database contains information on nearly 5,000 hedge funds.

6. Hedge Fund Intelligence

The name of this website says it all.

7. Hedge Week

The latest news related to hedge funds, along with an education center, events, guides, and more.


This website has one of the most comprehensive hedge fund databases you will ever find.

9. Quantopian

Quantopian states that it is “the world’s first algorithmic trading platform in your browser.” Offers many ways to learn and trade based on algorithmic strategies.

10. Institutional Investor’s Alpha

Provides news and data from the hedge fund industry.

11. Hedge Fund Group Association

This global association includes more than 100,000 hedge fund professionals from over 100 countries.

12. HedgeWorld

From Reuters, HedgeWorld keeps you up to date with breaking news from the hedge fund industry.

13. All About Alpha

A blog dedicated to hedge funds, portable alpha and alternative investing.

14. Hedge Fund Research

HFR is a website with a large amount of hedge fund data, indices and performance reports.

15. Hedge Fund Association

The Hedge Fund Association is well known the world over for being a non-profit lobbying organization devoted to investing transparency.

Visiting these hedge fund websites may not turn you into Carl Icahn or George Soros, but the information you compile will be invaluable to your investing future.

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