Hedge Fund Positions: The Trinity

Many people believe that the only hedge fund positions available are those that require long workdays and an overall stressful career. While there is no denying the fact that success in this industry takes plenty of time and dedication, there are many types of positions available.

hedge fund positions

If you have any interest in working for one of these firms, you need to collect as much hedge fund career advice as possible. This will allow you to make an informed and confident decision based on what the industry has to offer, as well as the goals that you are hoping to accomplish.

Each hedge fund is set up in a unique manner. For this reason, it is difficult to generalize which positions are available at each firm. However, there are three positions that most hedge funds employ.

Hedge Fund Managers

When it comes to the “top dogs” in the financial markets, these people are the cream of the crop.

There are not many hedge fund manager positions out there, and to reach the top you need to put in a lot of time. Not to mention the fact that it requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and successful results.

If you find yourself in one of these positions, you can expect long hours and big paychecks.

Some of the most popular hedge fund managers in today’s financial industry include George Soros, Carl Icahn, David Einhorn and T. Boone Pickens, among others.

Hedge Fund Administrators

These professionals are not involved with the actual trading of money. Instead, they work more on the administrative side of the business. Tasks include but are not limited to account, client relations, customer service, and overall organization of the office.

While this may sound like the “easiest” position within the hedge fund industry, these professionals have a lot of responsibilities.

Hedge Fund Analysts

Despite the above average pay, this position scares many people away thanks to the long hours and hard work. If you want to one day become a hedge fund manager you need to pay your dues as an analyst.

As the name suggests, you will work closely with the hedge fund manager to analyze current and potential investments.

If you have what it takes to make it as an analyst, you may one day find yourself as the manager of a hedge fund.

Regardless of your interests and career goals, there are hedge fund positions that will suit your lifestyle and experience. The above three positions are among the most common.

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