Hedge Fund Recruiters: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

There are hedge fund recruiters who take great pride in helping people find a job in the hedge fund industry. Before you turn to a recruiter for job search assistance, however, you need to know what you are getting into as well as how you should expect the process to play out.

Hedge Fund Recruiters

Any hedge fund career advice you can obtain could go a long way in helping you land a job at a well respected firm. While some are fortunate enough to find a position on their own, others rely on recruiters to turn them onto opportunities and help them prepare for any subsequent interviews.

Why Hedge Funds use Recruiters

Being that hedge fund jobs are so coveted, it doesn’t make sense that a firm would have to hire a recruiter. Instead, they should simply be able to advertise the position and watch the applications roll in, right?

Many smaller firms shy away from hiring recruiters because they don’t want to spend the fee associated with the service. Although saving money may be the end result, these firms also limit their ability to get in touch with the best talent.

Finding the right employees is not always an easy task. This is why some of the most established and well known hedge funds use recruiters.

Generally speaking, the “higher up” the position the better chance there is that the hedge fund will retain a search firm.

Find a Recruiter to Represent you

If you are interested in working in the hedge fund industry, a recruiter with strong connections to the top players could be your “in.” Best yet, you don’t have to pay this person a single dollar to push your name as a top applicant. Instead, if you are hired the hedge fund will pay the recruiter.

Of course, hedge fund recruiters will not work on your behalf unless you have something unique to offer. Remember, they only get paid if you are hired. Along with this, they have a reputation to uphold. If a recruiter recommends too many employees who fail, the chance of them continuing to work in the industry is very low. Word gets around quickly.

You may not want to rely solely on hedge fund recruiters, but this is another option you have for getting your name out there and hopefully landing an interview.

Until you speak with a recruiter, you may never really know which jobs are available. Did you know some hedge funds will only use a reputable recruiter to seek the right talent? They won’t even advertise the position through other means, such as their website.

From Newland Capital to Palo Alto Investors, there are hedge funds looking for talent. Hedge fund recruiters are trained to help you land a position with a fund that is seeking somebody with your skill set.

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