Hedge Fund Career Advice: Getting Your Start

Although there is a lot of hedge fund career advice out there, you need to focus on the details and tips that will put you in the best position to reach your goals.

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Since no two hedge fund jobs are the same, it goes without saying that your approach to applying for a position is not going to be identical to the next person. Along with this, you will need to change your strategy as you move from one hedge fund and interview to the next.

From Newland Capital to Palo Alto Investors, there are hedge funds looking for talent. Whether or not you are the person selected for a particular position will depend on your experience, knowledge of the market, and of course, the way you interview.

Find a Hedge Fund Mentor

The second you decide that you want to work in the hedge fund industry is the second you should begin your search for a mentor.

This person can help you better understand what goes into working for a hedge fund, while also helping you grow your network.

Despite the fact that most hedge fund professionals are extremely busy, many make time to help others when possible.

When seeking a mentor, show that person that you have a good attitude, are willing to do whatever it takes to learn, and that you are 100 percent committed.

Be Unique

You are not the only person who wants to land a hedge fund job. For this reason, you need to show prospective employers why you are unique.

Do you have specialized knowledge of the markets? Have you interned for multiple hedge funds in the past? Have you composed white papers on particular analysis?

Anything you can add to your resume to show that you are unique is something that will improve your chance of landing a job.

Search for Unadvertised Jobs

While many hedge fund jobs are advertised online and through other means, such as industry publications, some of the best positions are unadvertised.

To find these openings, you need to put in a lot of time and effort. From cold calling to reaching out to your network, there are ways to uncover these positions.

You should also consider becoming part of networking groups such as the Hedge Fund Association (HFA) and/or the Hedge Fund Group (HFG).

This hedge fund career advice is perfect for those who are seeking their first job or looking to move up within the industry. If you have set the goal of working in the hedge fund industry, now is the time to put your career on the right track. The opportunities are out there. It is your responsibility to find the opportunities that best match your skill set.

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