Hedge Fund Jobs: The Details You Need To Know When Applying

Hedge fund jobs: ever wanted to snag one? If you answered an emphatic “yes,” you should realize that you are not alone. There are many others who share the same goal, hoping to work in this field because of the fast paced environment as well as the chance to earn a lot of money.

hedge fund jobsThere are many different types of hedge fund jobs, ranging from those at the bottom of the totem pole to the hedge fund manager. See how to be a hedge fund manager for more.

Types of Hedge Fund Jobs

The type of hedge fund job you are seeking will be based largely on your experience, as well as the goals you have set for yourself. Even if you have the goal of one day becoming a hedge fund manager, you need to keep this in mind: there is nothing wrong with starting at the bottom.

In addition to hedge fund manager, there are other positions to consider including but not limited to the following:

a) Hedge fund analyst

b) Hedge fund accountant

c) Hedge fund account manager

Regardless of which type of job you are interested in, such as a quant analyst for Cliff Asness or a value strategist for Joel Greenblatt, you will soon find that each one requires a unique set of skills. This is not a career path for everybody, as you will need to bring a lot of knowledge of the market to the organization, as well as advanced math and statistical skills.

Typical Hedge Fund Listing

Even though no two job listings are the same, more experienced job seekers will begin to realize some similarities. Here is a recent listing for a hedge fund account manager opening. The job requirements are detailed, searching for somebody with the following skills:

1) Masters degree

2) CPA required

3) 8 or more years experience in accounting or back office operations

4) Knowledge of US GAAP

5) Experience working for a hedge fund, mutual fund, or similar organization

Those who thrive in these positions are typically self-confident, analytical, and able to work under intense pressure.

Steps to Finding a Hedge Fund Job

As you begin to search for hedge fund jobs, you may find several positions that suit your requirements and skill set. Here are five tips to follow to improve your chance of finding the right gig:

1) Be positive you truly want to work at a hedge fund

2) Learn as much as possible about the hedge fund industry, ranging from the major players to investment strategies and much more

3) Find a mentor, somebody who can help you on your search for the perfect position

4) Complete an internship as soon as possible

5) Don’t focus solely on hedge fund jobs that are advertised

Not all Hedge Fund Positions are the Same

Even when comparing two jobs at different hedge funds with the same title, you will find that no two positions are identical. That’s why it’s crucial to do detailed, time-intensive research on each and every hedge fund that you apply to, and try to know things like: (a) AUM figures and returns, (b) comments made by analysts of that fund on TV, (c) strategies employed by the fund, (d) if the fund releases any research, and (e) any public filings made by the fund.

Regarding step “e,” Insider Monkey’s hedge fund database has you covered.

There are many hedge fund jobs out there, however, landing a position is easier said than done. With this advice you should be on the path to locating available jobs and setting yourself up for success.

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