Goldman Sachs’ Reputation is Better Than Uganda’s Joseph Kony

Goldman Sachs’ reputation is better than Uganda’s Joseph Kony, AIG, and British Petroleum but it is worse than several other US companies. The worse thing is these rankings were before Greg Smith’s damaging resignation letter. According to a 2011 survey by Harris Interactive Goldman Sachs had the third worst reputation among U.S. companies. Here are the 10 companies with the worst reputation:

Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS)

10. Delta Airlines

9. JP Morgan Chase


7. General Motors

6. Bank of America

5. Chrysler

4. Citigroup

3. Goldman Sachs

2. BP

1. AIG

Hey, don’t be scared though. People change their minds all the time. We bet these stocks performed much better than the rest of the market in 2012. They will probably perform better than the market over the next 2-3 years. AIG is Bruce Berkowitz‘s favorite stock pick. Seth Klarman had more than $500 million in BP. Goldman Sachs is the top pick for Boykin Curry. Citigroup is one of Bill Ackman‘s favorite stocks. Bruce Berkowitz also has the largest position in BAC. Billionaire David Einhorn loves GM.