DROCON Blue Bugs 3 Drone Review

If you haven’t added a drone to your holiday shopping list, you’re already behind by not having one of the coolest gifts of the year. Lucky for you, Insider Monkey snagged a great deal on the DROCON Blue Bugs 3 Drone. If you purchase this awesome, hobby-grade drone on Amazon, you can get 20% off the $189.99 retail price, making the discounted price $103.99.

The Blue Bugs 3 drone is easy to operate and great for beginners. The drone doesn’t come with a camera, but does come with a mount for a Go Pro or other sport camera (which you can purchase from the manufacturer. The drone has a unique, brushless motor system that won’t overheat and melt, and allows for a longer flying time. The flying time lasts for 15-20 minutes and there’s a low battery as well as out-of range alarm on the remote. When it comes to flying the Blue Bugs 3, you can control it from 300-500 meters away.

There’s a little bit of assembly required, as the drone does not come pre-assembled, but DROCON provides all the necessary tools and screws, as well as an extra set of replacement blades. Most importantly, this drone is very durable. It survived multiple crashes during our demo run, as well as getting stuck in, and falling out of a tree from 20 feet in the air. Aside from the cool design of the Blue Bugs 3 drone, it has bright, blue and white lights to help you determine the front and the back of the drone. Of  all the cool features, our favorite part is the unique flip & roll button that allows you to flip the drone in different directions once you get comfortable with flying.

All in all, this is an incredible drone for beginners, that offers a lot for the price. If you’re in the market for a compatible drone that comes with a camera, check out the DROCON Traveler For a more in-depth look at the DROCON Blue Bugs 3 Drone, take a look at our demo video below.



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