DROCON Traveler U818A Plus-W Drone Review and Discount Code

Drones are a top gift on people’s holiday wish list this year, so pick up the DROCON Travel U818A Plus-W Drone to win the award for best gift this year. Insider Monkey secured an unbeatable discount code from the company until December 31, taking $60 off the original price. With this exclusive discount code, the price goes from $139.99 to $79.99.

If you’re just starting out with drones, but still want something that comes with a camera, the DROCON U818A Plus is the perfect beginner, hobby drone. Weighing a half of a pound, it’s easy to fly and just the right size. Inside the box you’ll find the quadcopter drone, the remote, a 7.4 volt battery (and USB charging cable), a 720P wide-angle HD camera, a 4GB micro SD card and USB card reader, and extra propeller blades. Since most of the drone is pre-assembled, it doesn’t take long to get it in flying shape, once you screw on the landing gear.

The isn’t overpopulated with controls, making it easy to understand for beginners. It even has a great, one button take-off and landing option. An app can be downloaded to your smartphone which can be attached to the remote, to enable a real-time view of the video footage while the drone is flying. The camera does not have a gimbal, so the video can be a little jerky at times, but the quality is not bad for a camera that comes with a beginner drone.

The DROCON Traveler has a flying time of 13 to 15 minutes and a max distance of 150 meters (or 490 feet). It also features different color lights to distinguish the front and the back, as well alarms to warn you if the battery is dying or if you’re going out of range. Once the battery is charged, you’ll have this drone up in the air and recording aerial video footage in minutes, even if you are inexperienced in piloting drones. To purchase the DROCON Travel U818A Plus-W Drone at a discounted price, just in time for the holidays, use the coupon code:BCH6BCPG (valid until 12/31/2017) at the checkout to receive Insider Monkey’s discount.