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Audit Firm Ernst & Young Aims to Issue its Own Cryptocurrency (
“The day is not far off when EY will offer its own digital coin,” said Mr. Tietz, who helps lead a global EY team that has been assembled in order to study and implement technologies based on blockchain architecture. Mr. Tietz said blockchain technology, the public ledger technology that governs cryptocurrencies, allows transactions to be tracked and verified without the need for costly middlemen. “The technology is transparent, safe and, most importantly, cheap compared to existing technologies,” Mr. Tietz said.

Delta Simplifies Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking and Adds Exchange Account Connections With Delta 1.6 (
Delta, the ultimate Bitcoin & cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app, today announces the launch of Delta 1.6 for iOS & Android, adding Exchange Account Connections with the ability for deposits, withdrawals and transfers. Beautifully designed for efficiency and simplicity, Delta 1.6 aims to save crypto investors’ time by automatically importing their exchange transactions whilst providing insight and visibility into their portfolios like never before without extra cost. With the new Exchange Account Connections API imports, investors can now set up their exchange accounts and let Delta import transactions automatically, as well as add past transactions if they wish to.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Pixabay/Public Domain

Bitcoin Cash Price Enters Recovery Mode After 4-Week Low (
Bitcoin cash (BCH) is pushing higher against the greenback and could test the $1,200 mark soon, according to the technical charts. As of writing, the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is changing hands at $1,119 – up 3 percent on a 24-hour basis, according to data source CoinMarketCap. Prices had dropped to a four-week low of $938 on Friday, tracking the broader market sell-off. However, over the weekend, BCH moved back above the $1,000 mark, signaling a temporary low is in place at $938.

Supporting Bitcoin: Unusual Public Intellectuals Siding with Crypto (
Bitcoin has had its share of detractors. But over the years, it has also relied on endorsements, even evangelizing from high profile individuals. Beyond the early adopters, and dedicated evangelists like Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin has seen quite unusual support by being linked with the names of public intellectuals from all areas. And while the support has been tentative, it serves to indicate how far the adoption of Bitcoin has reached, overcoming the initial accusations that the entire network is built for scam purposes.

Bitpanda Launches Pantos, the First Multi-Blockchain Token System (
Pantos will be financed by a Technology ICO, which will be capped at 1500 BTC to ensure the development of open-source technology that should enable a key technology for a token-based environment – the Token Atomic Swap Technology (TAST). Pantos wants to solve the blockchain fragmentation problem. After Bitcoin, many digital currencies based on the blockchain technology have been launched, each with their own specifications and protocols. A future with multiple blockchain networks is very likely.