Commercial Space Travel: 4 Things You May Not Know

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Curious about commercial space travel? Space travel is no longer a science fiction movie theme and it has evolved from being an endeavor reserved solely for astronauts and scientists to being available to the average citizen. The wealthy average citizen, that is.

Commercial space travel, or private space travel how it is sometimes referred to, is still in its early years, but its future looks more than promising. Want to know more about this topic? We have compiled a countdown of 4 important things you should know about commercial space travel.

No. 4: Space Tourism – Not Yet an Established Industry

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Attempts of making space travel a commercial venture have started more than a decade ago, ever since Dennis Tito became the first tourist to travel to space. In 2001 the American paid a whopping $20 million to visit the international space station, Mir, for seven days. Several startup companies have sprung out  since then and have tried to make space tourism more mainstream, but the reality is that, as of yet, it is not an established industry. Currently, six other people apart from Tito have paid exorbitant sums of money for the privilege of becoming space tourists.

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