Cherry Hill Mortgage CIO Buys Some Shares

Cherry Hill Mortgage CIO: On Wednesday, October 9, Jay Lown, Chief Investment Officer at Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp (NYSE:CHMI), purchased 3,750 shares of common stock. The transaction has been filed at the SEC for a price of $20 each share, for a transaction worth a total of $75,000. This is the first time that Mr. Lown acquires shares from Cherry Hill, and shares amount to a capital investment worth $65,325. However, Mr. Lown was not the only one completing transactions.

Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp

In the same day, Martin Levine, Chief Financial Officer at Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment Corp, purchased 5,900 shares common stock. Records at the SEC inform that for each share Mr. Levine paid $17.58, for a total transaction of $103,722. Mr. Levine is a first-timer like Mr. Lown, and has no record of previous acquisitions at the firm. His capital investment is worth $102,778.

The purchase done by Mr. Lown and Levine follows Citadel Investment Group, a large Shareholder at Cherry Hill Mortgage Investment, and its transactions two days earlier. The investment group bought 5,800 shares of common stock at a price of $18.41 each, two days earlier, for a transaction worth $106,778. Three days earlier, the group completed two additional transactions for 113,760 and 75,000 shares, the first for $18.59 each and the second for $18.44 each.

Disclosure: Jodor Jalit holds no position in any of the mentioned stocks.

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