Carl Icahn Tweets About Apple Letter, Unveils Plan to Launch New Website

Carl Icahn, Apple: We’ve talked about the grey area that surrounds the impact of Carl Icahn‘s tweets on the markets. We’ve also discussed how Carl Icahn’s Twitter account has moved Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s stock price before.

Today, the hedge fund billionaire was at it again, sharing the following a few minutes ago:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.30.06 PM

In the letter, Icahn mentions giving an unknown pledge, according to CNBC citing a source. The manager of Icahn Capital is insisting on a buyback and presents arguments for it, the source stated.

Icahn also looks like he’s opening up an Ackman-esque website that’s focused on shareholder value, not shareholder destruction. Here’s the link to Shareholders’ Square Table, which looks like it will be up tomorrow.

Does this mean Icahn is going to start circumventing Twitter altogether to break news?

Probably not, and he’s probably not doing it for the ad money either.

Most likely, this will be a place where he can direct shareholders to the resources he wants them to see, rather than the filings/analysis presented by traditional media.

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