Carl Icahn’s Twitter Account Is Always Worth Watching

Carl Icahn Twitter: Carl Icahn is one of the most notorious investors in the hedge fund universe, and that is why it’s important to follow each move made by him and his mega-fund Icahn Capital. Aside from the moves detailed in recent 13F and 13D filings with the SEC, Carl Icahn’s years of experience, combined with his general wisdom, are freely available on his Twitter handle @Carl_C_Icahn. Here’s a couple of his tweets from yesterday:

icahn tweetIcahn tweet 1

We’re a bit surprised that Icahn doesn’t have more followers, but it’s clear that he’s 100% supportive of Bernanke and the Fed’s multiple rounds of quantitative easing. What about Buffett?

Only about a week ago, Berkshire Hathaway’s manager Warren Buffett said that the Fed is the largest hedge fund in history, since it has the ability to profit from the purchase of bonds with a balance sheet of over $3 trillion, generating profits  of  “$80 billion or $90 billion a year probably.”

For more updates on Carl Icahn’s Twitter thoughts and Warren Buffett’s ideas on the economy check back here. If you didn’t get enough, take a look at some of the articles below. Buffett’s small-cap bets are particularly interesting.

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