Bloodiest UFC Fights Ever Fought

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The world of mixed martial arts is known for its brutal attacks and resilient fighters, but the bloodiest UFC fights ever fought are downright horrific. While the octagon cage has onsite doctors ready to jump in and inspect each opponent that has been knocked out severely, most times the battles continue, resulting in nasty bloodbaths and open wounds. As the UFC expanded its popularity over the past two decades, the contestants increased their skill level, morphing into multi-disciplined martial arts masters. Last month we published an article on the 5 best UFC fighters of all time some of whom also took part in a bloody fight or two. However, in this list we’ll be focusing on the throws and blows that covered the octagon in blood, making the crowd go wild and exasperate with tension. These fights are definitely certain and painful ways of getting yourselves ultimately killed. So, here’s our compilation of the six bloodiest UFC fights ever.

6. Randy Couture vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

UFC 74 – 8/25/07

Back in 2007, the 29-year old Gabriel Gonzaga went into a legendary face-off with Randy Couture, who was then 44 years old. Against all odds, this heavyweight championship match had Gonzaga bleeding out of his nose in the first three minutes of the first round, due to a precise strike from Couture. Barely three rounds into the match, Gonzaga’s blood flow hindered him from breathing and seeing, resulting in a win for Couture.


5. Sean Sherk vs. Kenny Florian

UFC 64 – 10/14/06

In this lightweight championship match a very new Kenny Florian, who was only eight fights into his career and entered the arena dressed as a Samurai, confronted Sean Sherk in what would be one of the bloodiest matches in UFC history. After a ferocious uppercut from Florian, Sherk proceeded to dominate the fight, wrestling his opponent in the top position, whilst bleeding all over him. Sherk won the match, but suffered through his open wound during the entire match.
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4. Joe Stevenson vs. Yves Edwards

UFC 61 – 7/8/06

While the first round of this match had both fighters shifting around the octagon, throwing kicks and punches, everything changed when Stevenson used his elbows to attack from the top. In a matter of seconds, Edwards’ face was covered in blood from the cut. After doctors checked his wound before the ten minute mark, the fight concluded that same round, with a red tainted floor.

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