Best-Selling Children’s Books of all Time

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Do you know what the best-selling children’s books of all time are? Well, if you’ve recently come into contact with the infant world or have a child wandering around your home, you may want to take a look at this list before going to the nearest bookstore. From old time classics, to newer fantasy adventures, the stories that enchant everyone – from adults to minions – have a special something that just can’t be beat.

Some infantile novels gained so much popularity in fact, that their writers fall under the world’s top 10 earning authors, which we gathered in a previous article. Now, you’ll surely notice a significant bump in the sales figures at one point, but do not be alarmed: we haven’t tampered with any numbers, although a game-changing author and her book series did enter the market, creating an entire new children’s cult (can you guess who it is?). So, let’s take a look at the best-selling children’s books of all time and what makes them so special.

8. Green Eggs and Ham

Author: Dr. Seuss

Copies sold: 8.1 million

There’s no denying that Dr. Seuss’ stories have helped raise and define the child culture in many occidental countries, especially in Canada and the United States. And Green Eggs and Ham is truly an all-time favourite since its publication in 1960. By using only 50 words in different orders, the famous Sam-I-Am charmingly tries to convince a sourpuss of how delicious said meal can be.


7. Tootle

Author: Gertrude Crampton

Copies sold: 8.5 million

Several of you will surely remember the story of Tootle, a baby locomotive that goes to school in order to learn how to focus so he can become the Flyer train on the route between New York and Chicago. The endearing story teaches children that all goals require a big effort and sometimes a change of habits, as Tootle thoroughly enjoys chasing butterflies and racing horses.

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