Best Bad Movies: The 10 Best Low-Budget Flicks Ever

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MovieTheatre_HighsmithBest bad movies: curious what the top low-budget flicks of all-time are? Okay, we don’t really mean “bad” in terms of quality, but “bad” from a budget standpoint. Typically, most movie go-ers don’t expect too much from the cheapest movies made, because by definition, their producers used less resources to make the movie.

Furthermore, most of today’s blockbusters are high-budget movies, with breathtaking special effects and renowned actors, with paychecks higher than some countries’ GDP. However, the movies featured in our top ten will prove that it does not take millions of dollars to produce a great motion picture.

All ten movies in our countdown were shot for less than $100,000, and they are presented in a style similar to our list of the highest-rated movies of all-time. We guess less is more, after all.

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Let’s take a look at the list of the ten best low budget movies.

No. 10: Assault on Precinct 13

Budget: a little under $100,000

Year: 1975

Directed by: John Carpenter

The only reason why the original Assault on Precinct 13 had such a low budget is because director Carpenter made his ambition not to break the $100,000 mark.

No. 9: Pi

Budget: $60,000

Year: 1998

Directed by: Darren Aronofsky

For director Darren Aronofsky, the movie Pi was pretty much a family affair. Family members and friends all chipped in $100 each to help produce the movie and Aronofsky’s mother was the on-set caterer.

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