9 Places to Visit in South America Before You Die

Although we could probably think of a list at triple the size of this one of the places to visit in South America before you die, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! There’s an abundance of information and advice out there, but if you were to see just one thing from each country, your list might look similar to this. We couldn’t even mention every country on the continent because there are just so many choices. So let’s this only be the very beginning for your South American adventures…

Pichugin Dmitry/Shutterstock.com

Pichugin Dmitry/Shutterstock.com

What is first on the list of things to do while you’re here? Do you want to explore some of the most beautiful islands featuring an array of diverse wildlife? Who wouldn’t? What about getting the iconic views at Rio you’ve always dreamed about? Of course, a few cocktails with some locals will be in store after. What about bizarre and weird sights? A bunch of salt could take care of that wish, just head to Bolivia. You’ll understand in a few minutes what I mean.

Two of the landmark waterfalls on any list make their appearance here in South America, including the largest one in the world. Into architecture and history? No problems there. Nearly everything on this list is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so that should tell you something.

So what places to visit in South America before you die would you want on your list? Take a gander at our nine here and then add a few more yourself, were quite sure you will want to add plenty more. Is any of these already on your top travel destinations list?