9 Places to Visit in Jamaica Before You die

With your beach getaway coming up, you might be wondering about the best places to visit in Jamaica before you die. We don’t blame you. You, like many others, want this island oasis to be your escape from the office desk. You’re in luck, Jamaica happens to be a fantastic choice, and we have an awesome list to kick off your Jamaican adventures.

If you’re in need to a cool down, there’s almost nothing else but to get in the water here. Being an island, you bet there’s a plethora of water activities for any ocean-lover. Snorkeling and diving are a great way to get to know the critters that swim below your toes, and boating around will get you some fantastic views.



Maybe you’re over the ocean, and want some fresh water. Well, there are enough waterfalls in  Jamaica to keep you busy for some time. Refreshing and a truly special sight, visiting a few waterfalls is undoubtedly a perfect choice.

The rivers offer romantic and peaceful rafts rides, the city holds charm and history, and the food will surely put a kick in your step. So exactly how safe is Jamaica? Overall, it’s safe. Be sure to take your regular precautions and be careful in the bigger cities, but otherwise, there’s nothing to worry about except what beach or waterfall to visit next.

Just like there are tons of places to visit in Central America before you die, there are tons here too. So there’s really no time to waste. You better get to packing! Without teasing you any longer, here are the best places to visit in Jamaica before you die.