9 Places to Visit in Iceland Before You Die

How many incredible places are to visit in Iceland before you die? Certainly more than we can name in one shot, but what are some of the places that first come to mind? You’re probably scratching your head or naming one or two spots at most, but otherwise, it’s not too easy to think of a place in Iceland. This island is a bit misunderstood and sometimes forgotten about when people are planning their Euro-trips.

Scampering around Spain, noshing your way through Italy, and romancing through France are definitely more of the popular European destinations, but after this list, we’re pretty sure you will be adding Iceland to your list.

Don’t think that this island, despite its distance and weather is something to simply leave of your list. It’s way more than just icy terrain and a too-far-to-visit country. The people here are remarkably friendly and welcoming. Its capital is full of cultural attractions, so you can become more familiar with the history and the population. The nightlife is surely something to experience, too. So after landing at the Reykjavik Airport, get yourself out there in the capital and have some fun. When you’re ready for some more nature and exploration, then make your way down this list.

Go get your must see places in Europe before you die list out, and add one more. Iceland. Whether it may be a relaxing vacation visiting geothermal spas to rejuvenate yourself, exploring active, dangerous, but mystical volcanos, or maybe whale watching and seeing the incredible Northern Lights are your highlights. Whatever your plans for Iceland are, there’s really no bad choice here. Make way for some places in Iceland before you die, because you’re about to book a ticket after reading this…

9. Asbyrgi Canyon

It’s thought that the last Ice Age is what caused the shape and curve of this horseshoe-shaped canyon, but regardless what caused it, one thing’s for sure, the majestic beauty is fascinating. The tranquil experience of wandering through the 3.5-mile canyon will provide you with a spectacle of fantastic views across the valley.

Alexey Stiop/Shutterstock.com

Alexey Stiop/Shutterstock.com