9 Places to Visit in Germany Before You Die

It’s no secret that there are plenty of places to visit in Germany before you die. The general friendliness of the people and overall harmony in the country make it a popular destination for everyone around the world. Safety should be of no concern. Just take your regular precautions and use common scene, then go enjoy the phenomenal places you can see here.

There’s certainly no shortage of city life in Germany. The major cities are what brings this country to life. The awesome nightlife scene is unprecedented and you will be sure to cheers plenty of locals during your nights on the street. If it’s culture and history you want, well, it’s in your face 24/7 in Germany. The architecture alone brings its own attitude and the other landmarks and buildings that are sprinkled through the country will bring you closer to knowing and understand the history here.



If nature is calling your name, then you should definitely answer. While there are just a few nature-heavy destination on this list, we know your drive on the Autobahn will be bringing you to many more. There’s an endless list of incredible places to enjoy while visiting Germany, so don’t rush through and try to visit as many as you can. There are so many amazing places to visit in Germany before you die, you know it’s certainly on your list for places you must see in Europe before you die! Here are a few reasons why Germany is so great…

9. Cologne

Blissfully located on the Rhine River is this magical city that holds some seriously amazing landmarks. The most notable on is the Cologne Cathedral with its city and river views and gothic architecture. After touring the sites during the day, don’t turn in yet, because the cultural scene and vibrant nightlife await you and you won’t want to miss it!