9 Places to Visit in Cuba Before You Die

Its doors are more open and now it’s time to reveal some of the best places to visit in Cuba before you die. There are beaches that boast pristine azure waters with boats gliding through, to historic towns with intriguing architecture and antiquity to share with you.

But is Cuba safe? This might concern most of you. And the answer is yes, overall this country is quite safe. It’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and use common sense. Do your everyday proper precautions, but there isn’t very much to worry about, especially at our hot destinations. Tourism is safe at these places, so lay back and relax!



Endangered animals that have a sanctuary to call home, surrounded by many fantastic vistas will sweep you away. This island oasis has lush landscapes, tobacco plantations to keep the legendary cigar businesses open, and even other island getaways. With numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites to dazzle and delight you, it’s pretty hard to find an excuse not to visit.

So are you convinced yet? Is Cuba your next holiday escape? OK, no discussions need to be made yet, and you can also check 7 Places to Visit in Central America Before You Die, if you are searching for an ideal place for you. But, I’ll warn you now, when you see these best places to visit in Cuba that are beautiful in safe, a flight over will likely be booked soon.

9. Varadero

Teeming with all-inclusive resorts, this beachside beauty is a gorgeous spot that’s also super convenient. The beaches might be dotted with resorts, but the sand and sea remain pristine. If you want to venture around the surroundings, take a strid over and hit a few golf balls at Villa Du Pont, go see some dolphins, and go cave exploring a Bellmar.